Based on our own experience, we’ve put together a retreat checklist with a few things to consider before going on a retreat:


If you are coming from overseas, read carefully the information about visas for NZ.


Do you need to bring cash and need to exchange money? Have a look at your options and do not leave this for the last minute!

Plane tickets

It’s important to book this in advance so that you can save up some money. We always use skyscanner to find the best deal.


Need a car? We recommend to find the best deals in NZ.


Check it out! It will help you with the right clothes and shoes!

Sun protection

As you’ll probably practise some outdoor activities, it is important to remember to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat…

Stay healthy!

Is there any medication you take or you might need? Think about it! There will most likely be no pharmacy close to the retreat.


Depending on the time of the year you might want to bring with you an insect repellent.


Make sure you pack the appropriate clothes depending on what you will be doing in the retreat. Also, ask the retreat if you can do the laundry there for free or not. You might want to bring a few more things if that’s not the case!


Journaling is one of our favourite things to do when we are in a retreat (an our day-to-day!). We found out about its benefits during a mindfulness course a few years ago and we haven’t stopped since then. We recommend you bring one with you and give it a go.


We believe that reading the right book is as important as being at the right place. We hope you enjoy the books we recommend to you in our Books section!


If you can´t live without music, make sure you download it as you might not have good reception (this is, for us, one of the benefits of disconnecting).

Your Stuff

If you are more comfortable using your own yoga mat, boxing gloves or weightlifting gloves, remember to take your own equipment with you.

Make your room more cozy

A candle – We love to travel with a small one. The light of a candle changes your room’s environment at night and makes it feel more cozy.

Make money while you are away!

What about renting your house while you are away? Check your options with Airbnb.

Your pet

If you are in Australia and need someone to look after your pet while you are away, you can find the perfect pet-sitter with mad paws!